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Why is ESG important for my business?

  • Strong ESG programs can increase stock liquidity.

  • ESG initiatives can widen a company's competitive value as compare to other industry players.

  • Companies that proactively address ESG issues can set the bar for the entire industry and help immunize themselves against activist intervention.

  • ESG investors are in building long-term value company value.

What should my ESG strategy focus on?

  1. Environmental This could involve looking at carbon emissions, for example. What energy reduction initiatives are you able to put in place? What is your business strategy about waste and pollution?

  2. Social How is your business impacting the community such as mental health and equality? This could involve inclusive hiring and community initiatives, alongside efforts to support health and wellbeing of your work force.

  3. Governance What policies do you have/plan to have in place to support your environmental and social initiatives? What bodies are being used for accreditation or guidance of these endeavours?

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