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IMPAC – A Green, High Quality Energy Saving Service Provider

IMPAC Energy is a Malaysian-based energy saving service provider that specializes in providing tailored solutions for renewable energy and energy efficiency. We offer services that focus on helping their clients reduce their energy consumption, save money on their energy bills, and promote sustainable and green practices. The services include a thorough assessment of a building's energy use, providing recommendations for energy-saving solutions, and offering advice on the best options for enhancing the energy efficiency of a client's building spaces. IMPAC Energy's services are applicable to both residential and commercial clients, making them a versatile and flexible service provider that can cater to a wide range of customers.

Trouble with Increasing TNB Bill?

You are not alone. This is a common issue that everyone is facing, we are ready to solve your problem.


Not to worry! Through our energy audit program, a health check for your current energy usage situation and learn how to efficiently manage your assets. This audit aim at identifying potential savings and solutions. You will get an overview of all past and existing projects that can lead to future improvements. This is what we call a “Total Energy Saving Solution”!


Energy Audit

An energy audit is a process that involves evaluating the energy use of a building or facility to identify areas where energy can be saved and efficiency can be improved. The audit typically involves a comprehensive assessment of the building's energy consumption, including the use of electricity, water, and other resources.

  1. High Energy Bills: One of the most common reasons people seek energy audits is because they are experiencing high energy bills. An energy audit can help identify areas where energy is being wasted or used inefficiently, allowing homeowners or businesses to make changes that will save money on their energy bills.

  2. Environmental Concerns: Another reason that people may seek an energy audit is because they are concerned about their impact on the environment. An energy audit can help identify opportunities to reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainable practices.

  3. Building Performance Issues: If a building is experiencing performance issues such as uneven heating or cooling, or if occupants are experiencing discomfort due to temperature fluctuations, an energy audit can help identify the root cause and recommend solutions to improve the building's energy efficiency and comfort.

  4. Compliance Requirements: In some cases, energy audits may be required by law or regulations. For example, in some states or cities, energy audits may be required before a building can be sold or leased.

  5. Business Goals: Some businesses may seek energy audits as part of their broader sustainability or cost-saving goals. An energy audit can help identify opportunities to reduce energy consumption, save money on energy bills, and promote sustainable practices that align with the business's values and goals.


Today, we continue to build on our success with a new digital approach. Our technology has helped us save millions of dollars in utility costs, while also reducing carbon emissions and providing an efficient energy usage for our consumers.

With just a few steps, you can turn your utility bill into an affordable one. Just put our EMS in the power grid and few critical loads, and it will collect information about your total electricity used over time. Based on that information, we will provide detailed insights, which allows customers to pinpoint problem areas and work with our energy consultants for the best possible energy-saving techniques.

Real Time Data


You can get instant information of your facility right away from digital platform at anywhere anytime.

EMS 2.1.png

Statistical Analysis and Benchmarking

Statistical Analysis and benchmarking2.png
Statistical Analysis and benchmarking1.png

You can get a deep understanding about your energy use situation and manage your energy consumption and make adjustments to achieve a lower electricity bills.

Energy Efficiency Assessment Analysis

Impac’s EMS provides reports on your energy efficiency performance supported with a detailed remote energy audit report from our energy consultants with quantified targeted energy efficiency measures for you.

Energy Efficiency Assessment Analysis.png
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Impac’s EMS can save you money today and help keep your business on a budget in the long run. It is a smart business.

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