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How Energy Audit Help?

Energy Audit is your main chance to understand the current state of affairs of the facility and its potential in saving energy. It includes a review of all major aspects from electrical, lighting, HVAC equipment and other systems which are used in a facility. Our engineering team will visit your facility, conduct tests and discuss with you and provide a detailed report on each energy savings opportunity found during the energy audit process.

An energy audit is the key to making smart energy choices and maximizing your return on investment.

Impac Energy Sdn Bhd offers a full range of energy saving solutions. As one of the leading energy management companies in Malaysia, our experts offer a wide array of services and products to help you save energy and reduce your carbon footprint.

Through Audit, You Are Able To:

  • Trace overall electricity consumption in detail.

  • Identify cost-saving opportunities.

  • Identify building potential problem.

  • Qualify building energy efficiency level.

Save Your TNB Bill with Impac Energy

Save Your TNB Bill with Impac Energy

Our Total Energy Saving Solution Process

Concerned about the rising cost of energy? Our Total Energy Saving Solution (TESS) is a comprehensive energy-efficiency solution to reduce your electricity bill. It’s a health check-up for your home – and businesses – that finds out how much energy you use, recommends ways to cut down, and then takes action. Simply put our EMS into the power grid and it will collect information about your total electricity used over time. Based on that information, we will provide detailed insights, which allows customers to pinpoint problem areas and work with our energy consultants for the best possible energy-saving techniques so that you can find out how much money you can save if you implement them


Our total energy saving solution process can be done with few steps:

Step 1.

Walkthrough Assessment

Our experts will discuss with you and observe of all major equipment from electrical, lighting, HVAC and other systems to identify potential energy-saving opportunities.

Step 3.

Data Collection and Data diagnose & Analyse

Our team will conduct walkthrough audit more in depth and site measurements on the Grid side, major equipment such as HVAC, motors and lightings. The focus point to collect more detail data of how energy flows and overall energy performance of the equipment.

Step 2.

Proposal Acceptance

We will present to you on our findings, it is important to understand about the benefits of an energy audit. We will show you a clear overview of your facility’s energy usage and insights into areas with energy saving opportunities  

Step 4.

Reporting and Consultation

An energy audit report will prepare for you which includes an outline of energy consumption, an energy grading and improvement suggestions and our energy consultants will recommend the best possible energy-saving techniques.  

Energy Audit Reports

Step 5.

Budget Planning

We will also show you how much you can save, as well as give you personalised advice on what works best for you.


Budget Planning2.png

By implementing proposed energy saving measure (ESM) above, potential energy footprint saving can be achieved is 4-7%/month of current usage and BEI can be improved to 3-star level.

Step 6.

Solution Implementation

LED Bulb to replace fluorescent E27 bulb



Solution Implementation1.png
Solution Implementation2.png

Energy cost saving up to 57%

ROI in 1.8 years

Efficiency Motor IE2.png

Normal Induction motor to High Efficiency Motor IE2

Energy cost saving up to 9%

ROI in 1.05 years

VSD Implementation on motors.png

VSD Implementation on motors

Energy cost saving up to 10%

ROI in 1.16 years

Energy Performance Contracting.png

Retrofitted Air-Cooled Chiller to Water Cooled Chiller Plant System – Energy Performance Contracting (EPC)

Energy cost saving more than 50%

Achieving chiller plant efficiency less than 0.60kW/RT

Japanese Money

Step 7.

Performance Monitoring 
Based on the TNB bill given


Our Customer Result



Saving on their Buildings 



We also provide service eliminate power factory penalty from their TNB Bill.


Ready to Reduce Electric Bill?
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