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Energy as a Service

What is Energy as a Service and how does it work?

Energy as a Service or in short we called EaaS it is a service in a business model that partnering with experts for the purpose of controlling over energy spending. Most business leader and facility manager will consider energy expense as energy is require for a day-to-day operation and further affect their daily operational cost.

In general, an EaaS company will make recommendations in two areas:

· Ways you can save energy, or how to make your daily operations more energy efficient.

· Alternative ways you can get energy, including how you produce it and store it.

The best part about an EaaS is from consultancy to installation system from monitoring software to consumption control software to ensure the implementation help to energy consumption.

In Impac, we offered a full solution which include of:

1) Energy integration with solar power generation system

2) Energy optimization for chiller

3) Energy monitoring system

4) Lighting solution

5) Motor control and optimization

6) Energy audit for buildings

With the service we offered, we ensure that the energy consumption being analyzed and create a custom planning aim to reduce usage and thus leading to money saving. Eaas also bringing the business leader to become closer in achieving their ESG goal and toward decarbonization in fighting global warming.

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