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Towards Decarbonisation

Global warming has making the headline and it also an important part that could affect ones company operation. Now a lot of companies has eyeing on the green aspect to build a roadmap to reduce their carbon emission and more operational saving. A few criteria we will look into when comes to decarbonization. One of them is energy mix.

In Malaysia, we use fossil fuel, coal and hydro for power generation. It is only these recent years, solar farm has become another source of power generation. As on the personal level, factory owner can work with green energy mix by mixing the electricity that generate by solar panel. Setting up solar panel also supported by the Malaysia government and NEM scheme was introduced to encourage business leader to install solar panel. This reduce the dependency on the traditional electricity generation and also helping business leader to reduce its electricity bill. Next we also understand the energy sobriety. This concerns both renewable and non-renewable energy. At this stage, usually energy expert will analyse the energy consumption of a building. Based on the energy report, energy expert will further advise what to eliminate and adapt prior to reduce energy consumption. The following criteria is above energy performance. This is the part where we reduce the energy consumption while maintaining the same level of production or service. Optimize production processes need to be taking care continuously to correct possible energy losses.

A well energy efficiency able to generate great saving and more room for other investment. By improving energy efficiency, an organization increases productivity, with significant savings at the end of the day.

Lastly, it is carbon compensation. Carbon compensation is an initiative was created by the Kyoto Protocol, which came into force in 2005. It allows an organization to offset its CO2 emissions by financing projects that work towards the development of renewable energies. However, the carbon offsetting is least mature. Often, financing support are offered to the business owner who adopting solar energy rather as a compensation.

In short, the roadmap toward decarbonization can be done by analyse energy usage and thus reduce it consumption to achieve a greater saving. Reach to your energy expert today and find our more information to optimize your building energy usage.

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