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Energy Audit. Why is it important?

  • Energy usage - Audits help us to understand how much energy we are using; which equipment is using the most.

  • Unknown issues - Audits can uncover hidden problems (such as electrical leakage or leaky air ducts) that may be making your building less efficient and increasing your utility bills.

  • Opportunities - Once audit is completed, owner receives the audit report that shows the area that is performing well, and priority list of potential improvements to help determine where the money would be best spent.

  • Guideline - Having an audit report does not 100% guarantee there are areas of saving. But this report served as a guide for us to stay aware of the building efficiency, control, and monitor energy use.

Area of audit

  • Utility bill

  • Lighting system

  • HVAC (Heating, ventilation, air conditioning) system

  • Temperature

  • Motors

  • Hours/ Times of operation

Should I get an energy audit?

It is advisable to investigate your building energy consumption to maximise bill saving. Contact us today, for an energy audit report and we guide you on implement the solutions.

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