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How does E n E program do to helps you?

E n E is a campaign launch by Impac Energy aiming to provide effective and efficient energy saving solution for every building owner. There are many solutions in the market, how do we make use of those solutions and optimum our saving?

For business owner

Conduct an energy audit for the building, analyse the energy consumption pattern is important. This is to understand which part of the building or mechanism that used more of the electricity. Minor changes such as changing to energy saving LED or install Energy Monitoring System (EMS) can help to further control and monitor energy usage. Integrate with solar, business owner could enjoy more saving and have effective and efficiency energy

monitor in their hand.

For residential

Rather than doing an energy audit, a solar expert will usually do analyse based on it electricity bill. With a solar PV system, the billing can save up to 90%. To increase the efficiency a SMART home solution is encouraged. Simply by connected device via our phone, it makes it easy for customer to check the appliances that no being switched off and energy consume.

Smart home solution Are you a forgetful person to turn on or off especially those high energy consumes household appliances such as air conditioning? With smart home solutions, you will need to connect your appliances to a software and set on reminder so that you can keep yourself reminded. This will reduce your household energy consumption and thus lesser bills to pay.

The smart home solution now can integrate with air conditioning, TV, curtain, light, alarm system and more. This allow customer to switch on or off when they are away from home. Now, it can further integrate with residential solar to maximise the efficiency used of energy. This increase the quality of living while enjoying saving on electricity bill and a double shield for your roof top.

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