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Switching to clean energy has been the hot topic especially we talked about electricity bill saving. High electricity bills have become a burden for business owner as business may suffering a downturn during MCO period. Let’s us walk you through this.

What is solar PV system? With Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, sunlight is converted into electrical energy through the panel. Solar panel commonly installed on the rooftop for commercial and industrial buildings. With the energy generate from the sunlight, it will reduce the energy that your building’s consumption that will be reflected in your upcoming bills.

01. The energy policies that benefit your business With the current NEM 3.0 (Net Energy Metering) scheme, it allows owners of solar PV system to export excess generated energy to the distributor license -TNB. The excess energy can be put to good use by generating credits to offset the monthly electricity costs.

For NEM Rakyat and GoMen, these credits are eligible for a rollover of up to 12 months but cannot be compensated in the form of cash. For system owners under Program Nova, the excess energy will be exported at the SMP. This move serves to benefit owners by allowing more economic benefits in the exportation of energy. The NEM scheme is only applicable in Peninsular Malaysia. 02. The financing options for the solar PV system?

Outright - business owners have the option to self-fund or get working capital from financial institutions (FIs).

Financial institutions have made it available for business that looking for clean energy solutions. Usually, the working capital allowed can cover up to 80%* of the cost of the solar photovoltaic system. *T&C applies.

03. Zero CAPEX Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

PPA is a lease-to-own solar financing model is most suitable for the business would like to preserve cash flow. PPA does not involve CAPEX spending on part of the adopter where it reduced electricity tariffs at no upfront capital expenditure (CAPEX) over a 15–20-year lease-to-own tenure. Once mature, business owners take full ownership of the solar setup from the investor and its savings benefits.

04. Operation and maintenance of solar PV system Outright = complimentary O&M services for three (3) years. *

zero CAPEX = O&M services would be covered within the tenure period.

Switching to solar energy, accelerate your business by reduce your operational cost. At the same time, it also reduces carbon emissions. This has made the business sustainable and leading to achieving ESG standards.

Come to experience it how solar can help you reduce your electricity bill and elevate your business today. Drop us an inquiry, our energy expert is ready to serve you, contact us at

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